I await you my love,
Not in the Darkness of Night;

I await you my love,
In the brightness of Moon’s light.

I have stopped searching for you,
I have stopped to follow the trail;

For I know Love too is out there
Searching for me…
Before i sccummb to,
the weight of society;
Come and Free me;
Let me Live this Life …

(taken from “Small Things make Luv” by Komal Thakur)



सूरज अभी भी पूरब से ही निकलता है |
रात आज भी तारों की चुनर ओढे .. चांदनी की थपकियाँ देती है |
गिनो तो आज भी — घंटे पूरे २४ ही हैं ..

फिर क्यूँ कहते हैं कि वक़्त बदल गया है?
शायद — “लोग बदल गए हैं” — ये कहने से घबराते हैं |

कभी फुर्सत मिले तो …
पुरानी यादों का गट्ठर खोलना
कुछ पल मिलेंगे —
हसने गुदगुदाने के पल
रूठने मनाने  के पल..
नाज़ नखरों के पल..
खामोशी में कही वो तमाम बातें …
जिन्हें कभी सहला के सुलाया था यहाँ

इनको जोड़ना —– इक नांव बनेगी …

कभी फुर्सत मिले तो आना !
मैं अब ज़ज़ीरे पे रहता हूँ |

Came across a wonderful nazm of Gulzar Saab.  Just posting as it is –

और अचानक ..
तेज़ हवा के झोंके ने कमरे में आ कर हल-चल कर दी..
पर्दे ने लहरा के मेज़ पे रखी ढेर सारी काँच की चीज़ों को उलट दिया..
फड़ फड़ कर के एक किताब ने जल्दी से मूह ढांप लिया..

एक दवात  ने गोता खा के सामने रखे जितने कोरे काग़ज़ थे..सबको रंग डाला.
दीवारों पर लटकी तस्वीरों ने भी हैरत से गर्दन तिरछी करके तुमको देखा

फिर से आना ऐसे ही तुम..
और भर जाना कमरे में मेरे….

Blind Man Walking

The night was getting dark. Cool breeze was flowing across the street.The rustle of the fallen leaves was clearly audible. Street dogs were on their duty, barking meaninglessly to re-announce their authority on the empty road. Long necked poles were lit,trying to make an impression of full moon.

I was on my usual “night walk”. My mind was webbed into thoughts of its own. Suddenly, a tapping sound caught my attention. A man appeared from the right-hand corner street,turning towards his left and moving towards me. He was about middle-age and looked decent. The sound was from a long stick that he was carrying and tapping it semi-circularly on the road. I realized. That man was blind. His stick was his pathfinder. I stood still. He was coming nearer. I went up to him to offer my help. Another man, came from behind(me) , and signaled me not do so. we both stood quietly and watched. The Blind Man went passed us smoothly. The third person slowly whispered in my ear. “This is his daily routine. He never takes anybody’s help. Daily he comes at this time from sector 10 market and walk towards home in sector-12″ . I said surprisingly,”That’s a fair amount of distance!”. He said “Yes, but he is use to it, see he knows, now is the time to turn right!”. We watched Him from behind and He turned to His right and disappeared. We both silently looked at each other. The man shook his head and went away.

I continued my walk and reached my room. But my mind was still thinking of the incident that i just went through. What is the difference between a normal person and a visually challenged person? We, as a normal person, are we really able to see beyond our vision? What made the Blind Man not to take anyone’s help? Even though the man was blind, but he never looked confused. The only reason was, He kept moving. His inner vision kept him moving.

I asked myself. Why are we so upset with our life? Why we take life as a cross-road puzzle? What if things don’t work for us. The Blind Man taught me a great lesson. All we need to do is – Enhance our inner-vision and Keep Moving. This is the time to introspect. Like Him, one needs to find his own path and take calculated steps. Not to rush or agitate when things are not clear .Not to look at others for help. All we need is – to believe. If we believe, things will work for us. No matter what happens, Just keep moving. It may feel normal and simple and we all know this. But just repeat and give it a thought. “All We Need is- To Believe and Keep Moving”. Our mind is like water. When it is agitated it become difficult to see. But if we allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear. Right now the path may look dark. May be full of obstacles, may be longer than we thought. But we ourselves are the pathfinder. Nobody can better guide us, than our own inner-vision. And we will find our destination. No matter who we are, what religion we follow, the ultimate goal of life is to find Happiness. And the true happiness lies within ourselves. Just open the Vision and Follow it.

Jai Ho!

“Jai Ho!”. The whole day, News channels, websites were splashing “Jai Ho”. No,this time its not that men in blue won another cricket match,
but its the Indian talent that got recognition at 81st Annual Academy Awards 2009.

“All my Life I had a choice between Hate and Love.And I chose Love and I am here. God Bless You”.
This is the statement that Allah Rakha Rahman made as an acceptance speech at the Oscars.

Slumdog Millionaire. A movie that doesn’t contain any big names. The movie that got nominated for 10 Oscars and managed to bag 8 of them.
And we are delighted. Why not. They are the gems of Bollywood industry, and now, the whole world know their names.
A R Rahman, Gulzar for Jai Ho; Resul Pookutty for Sound Mixing.

All prasies for Rahman. He indeed has provided recognistion to Indian Music. There was a time when Indian movies fail to make impression in the west because they were thought as  too musical. Bollywood was only understood as song and music. But, this time, picture was different. Rahman got Oscar for Original Score and Song.Two of the three nominated songs were Rahman’s creation. Rahman also gave LIVE performance at the Oscar. When being asked by western media that how it is differenrent between Indian and western Music, his head was high. Rahman humbly replied,”India is a place where different states have different cultures.What I have used is just 0.1% of what India has to offer to the world”.
Resul Pookutty. The only Indian Technician ever to won an Academy award.”I come from a country and a civilization that given the universal word. That word is preceded by silence, followed by more silence. That word is ‘Om’, So I dedicate this award to my country”. I was deeply moved by these statements of Rahman and resul.

Now, the question arises. Slumdog Millionaire belongs to whom? Is it a British movie as the production house is British, or , is it a Bollywood movie as the story, actors , location is Indian?  The answer is simple. It is not an Indian Movie. Neither it is completely British. You see,the time is now changing. We are heading towards a Global Platform, where people are breaking region, language barriers. The world is coming closer. And it is the art that has the power to bring people closer.
Not to forget,”Smile Pinki” – A story that portrays that inner beauty is far more beautiful then external. Pinki has the same cute smile since her birth, but its just that the world noticed it after the surgery.

Atlast, something to Smile. Atlast some happiness. A Slumdog Happiness.

Miscellaneous …

I stare at myself in the mirror. I try to find some sign that will lead me to recognize me. Quite often these days, I forget myself. I don’t think these tired, sad eyes belong to me. I remember my eyes, they used to be sparkling. And this fake smile and tired voice? Certainly not mine.

Yes, I had a good voice. I use to sing. The guitar placed at the corner of my room stares at me as well. Its broken string tells a different story. The rythm now is also lost.

I looked at mirror again. Holding the breath doesn’t hide the truth. I look like a bag. Shades of time clearly reflects. This was not me. I was an athlete. 4 Gold and a Silver. Rated as the Best. But its history now.

I live alone. Or I say, I have chosen to live alone. I usually come back from work at 7.30. Dinner at 8.30. Its hard to kill time after 9. I lay down and lights are off. I open the flap of my cellphone and browse through the address book. Read the name and close the flap. I have no one to call. Sometimes I wonder do I actually work in a VAS industry? Daily I make a voice portal LIVE, but my cellphone is nobody’s B-Party. No one calls me. I open the flap again and browse through the Inbox. Reading past messages make me feel good. But make me feel bad as well. Things were good a year ago. People are same but time has changed. Yes, shades of time certainly reflects. I’ve  become a Miscellaneous.
I wish someone would just come and shake me real hard. So that all this bad stuff would drain away.
Always wished to write something happy on this side, yet every time it’s the agony.

Nothing Else Matters ….

When you truly care for someone, you don’t look for faults. You don’t look for answers. You don’t look for mistakes. Instead, you fight the mistakes. You accept the faults & you overlook excuses. The measure of love is when you love without measure. There are rare chances that you’ll meet the person you love & who loves you in return. So once you have it, don’t ever let go. The chance might never come your way again.
Sometimes I wonder if its all worth while, if I’ll ever make it.
Sometimes I think that my dreams won’t ever come true.
With everyday that passes, I know there is another clue.
Sometimes things are right under my nose, And all I had to do is look.
Sometimes all I want is to save a rose, And then just go on with my life.
Sometimes I wonder why life takes such unexpected turns, Then I realize, this is my life.
If I had not taken these trails, Where would I be?